Town Meeting


Town Meeting is the municipal legislative body of the Town of Becket. It has the authority and responsibility to establish the annual town budget, pass town and zoning bylaws, accept state laws and take other major actions affecting town operations. Every registered voter may attend, speak, make parliamentary motions and vote on matters that come before Town Meetings. Non-voters are invited to attend and speak at Town Meetings, but may not make parliamentary motions or vote.

Town Meetings are conducted under the provisions of the Town Meeting Bylaw (Article 1 of the Town Bylaws) and the Town Meeting Handbook, both available in hard copy at Town Hall or electronically through the links provided, and Town Meeting Time, A Handbook of Parliamentary Law, available at the Becket Athenaeum or for purchase at the Massachusetts Moderators Association website.


The Annual Town Meeting is held the second Saturday of May at the Becket Washington School. Special Town Meetings are held as needed by the call of the Select Board or by voter petition and are usually held at Town Hall.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Ethan S. Klepetar Moderator (2026) (413) 328-8185
Steve Rosethal Deputy Moderator (2022)