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In general, the Board is responsible for all aspects of public health. We are governed by the laws of the State of Massachusetts and the regulations of the Department of Public Health and the Department of Environmental Protection. Our responsibilities are narrower than those of a city because of the rural nature of the town and the lack of a medical center. The responsibilities include:

Wells - The Board issues well drilling permits for a fee of $100.00. The major purpose of the permits is to ensure that the well is an appropriate distance from the septic system.

Septic Systems - A major responsibility of the Board of Health. A member must be present at percolation tests, which may be dug any time of the year. Then we approve all septic system plans and inspect the installation in order to issue a Certificate of Compliance. When a property with a septic system is transferred, what is commonly known as a Title V Inspection is made with a member present and the inspection report is reviewed by the entire Board.

Food Inspections - Wherever food is served or manufactured for sale, the facility must have a license resulting from an inspection by a Board member.

Camp Inspections - Camps are inspected not only for their feeding facilities but for many other health issues-septic systems, well water, water activities, bathing facilities, first aid safety, nurse and doctor facilities, etc.

Beaches - All beaches that serve more than one family must have the beach water tested 15 times a year.

Beavers - Boards of Health have been given responsibility for issuing beaver permits when they endanger public health.

Transfer Station - The Board of Health has the responsibility but has assigned management responsibility to the Highway Department.

Lee Visiting Nurses - Under a contract with the Board of Health, they provide many services to the Becket Community.

Renters/Owners - When there is a health issue at a rental property, the Board of Health is a resource to resolve problems and/or concerns.

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Board Members

Name Title
Gale LaBelle Chair (2022)
Laurel Burgwardt Vice Chair (2021)
I. David Krawet Clerk (2020)