Community Preservation Committee

In 2008 the residents of Becket voted to adopt the MA Community Preservation Act. With the passage of this Act, Becket residents established the Becket  Community Preservation Fund. Our Community Preservation Fund is locally controlled and can be used to preserve our town’s unique character.

Community Preservation Funds are locally raised and augmented by the Commonwealth’s Community Preservation Trust Fund. These monies may be used to acquire open space, promote recreational opportunities, preserve historic resource and support affordable housing.

Each year the Community Preservation Committee solicits funding applications for worthy projects in the four eligible categories. Those interested in applying are asked to fully review and complete the Becket Community Preservation application (the link to a fillable pdf file is below or obtain an application at Town Hall). The deadline to submit an application is February 28th.

Please read the application instructions thoroughly. The instructions cover a great deal of pertinent information, details key milestones in the application process, provides eligibility guidelines, and explains how to complete the application accurately. Ineligible projects will not be considered and incomplete applications may not be reviewed. Feel free to contact a volunteer serving on the Becket Community Preservation Committee if you need assistance or have questions, send an email or leave a message for the Committee with town hall).

Readily available and helpful information can be found here at the Community Preservation Coalition’s website. The web site has information on what projects are eligible for funding, the history of the Community Preservation Act, and a database of completed projects from across the state. The website is a great resource and the staff at the Community Preservation Coalition are helpful and responsive.

The Becket Community Preservation Committee is honored to serve the residents of Becket and help our local groups improve, protect and promote our community. Please feel free to inquire about serving on or assisting the Committee and the recipients of Community Preservation funding.

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Committee Members

Name Title
Rita Furlong Parks & Rec. Designee (2026), CPC Chair
John Garvey Historical Commission Designee (2024), CPC Secretary/Treasurer
One Vacancy At Large Member
Larisa Shpitalnik At Large Member (2025)
Douglas Bessone Conservation Commission Designee (2026)
Ann Krawet Planning Board Designee (2026)
Thomas Salzer At Large Member (2026)