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State Election Minutes 11/2/04
Pursuant to the foregoing warrant, the STATE ELECTION was held at the Becket Town Hall, 557 Main Street, on Tuesday, November 2, 2004, from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  As a result of the Massachusetts Office on Disability’s December 9, 2003, survey indicating that the Town Hall’s front entrance did not comply with 950 CMR 51.00 (Polling Place Accessibility for Elderly and Handicapped Voters), the election was held downstairs.  Prior to opening the polls, the Ballot Box was publicly opened, examined and found to be empty; the register was set at zero.  The polls opened at 7:00 a.m.  The results of the votes are as follows:

Electors of President & Vice President (Vote for One)           
Blanks  2       
Badnarik and Campagna   9       
Bush and Cheney 280     
Cobb and LaMarche       3       
Kerry and Edwards       538     
Write Ins:              
Nader and Camejo        10      
All Others      3       
TOTAL VOTES     845     
Representative in Congress (Vote for One)               
Blanks  183     
John W. Olver   653     
All Others      9       
TOTAL VOTES     845     
Councillor (Vote for One)               
Blanks  189     
Peter Vickery   409     
Aaron Bennie Wilson     247     
All Others      0       
TOTAL VOTES     845     
Senator in General Court (Vote for One)         
Blanks  46      
Andrea F. Nuciforo, Jr. 576     
Dawn Taylor Thompson    223     
All Others      0       
TOTAL VOTES     845     
Representative in General Court (Vote for One)          
Blanks  90      
Denis E. Guyer  521     
Richard S. Stockwell    234     
All Others      0       
TOTAL VOTES     845     
District Attorney (Vote for One)                
Blanks  199     
David F. Capeless       644     
All Others      2       
TOTAL VOTES     845     
Sheriff (Vote for One)          
Blanks  218     
Carmen C. Massimiano, Jr.       627     
All Others      0       
TOTAL VOTES     845     
Regional School Committee (Becket) (Vote for One)               
Blanks  225     
James J. Soluri 620     
All Others      0       
TOTAL VOTES     845     
Regional School Committee (Dalton) (Vote for not more than Three)       
Blanks  1347    
John M. Chivers 369     
Laurie A. Chivers       381     
Richard P. Farley       438     
All Others      0       
TOTAL VOTES     2535    

Regional School Committee (Hinsdale) (Vote for One)             
Blanks  327     
Richard A. French       518     
All Others      0       
TOTAL VOTES     845     
Regional School Committee (Peru) (Vote for One)         
Blanks  844     
Write Ins:              
Chris Keller    1       
All Others      0       
TOTAL VOTES     845     
Regional School Committee (Washington) (Vote for One)           
Blanks  309     
Joann M. Shugrue        535     
Write Ins:              
Laurel Burgwardt        1       
All Others      0       
TOTAL VOTES     845     
Regional School Committee (Windsor) (Vote for One)              
Blanks  339     
John H. Bantjes 505     
Write Ins:              
Laurel Burgwardt        1       
All Others      ~       
TOTAL VOTES     845     
QUESTION 1  This Question Is Not Binding                
Shall the state representative from this district be instructed to vote for legislation to create a strong presumption in child custody cases in favor of joint physical and legal custody, so that the court will order that the children have equal access to both parents as much as possible, except where there is clear and convincing evidence that one parent is unfit, or that joint custody is not possible due to the fault of one of the parents?   
Blanks  196     
YES     541     
NO      108     
TOTAL VOTES     845     
Town of Becket, Total Registered Voters:        1180    
Ballots cast:   845     
Percent Voting  72%     
A total of 845 votes were cast.  There were 80 absentee ballots and 5 provisional ballots. The Election Workers were Dorothy Bellavance, Ann Chagnon, Claire Daigle, Jane Falcone, Beverly Gillette, Gale LaBelle (Warden), Maryellen Lake (Clerk) and Richard Pryor.  The Constable was Michael Sawyer.  The polls closed promptly at 8:00 p.m. and the unofficial results were printed and posted.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne W. Pryor
Town Clerk

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