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Conservation Commission Minutes 12/20/12
Becket Conservation Commission

Thursday,  December 20, 2012
The Meeting is called to order at 6:33 PM.
Commissioners Present: Scott Morley, Chair; Richard Pryor, Vice Chair; Bud Moylan; Marty Winters
Member absent: Kathy Vsetecka,  Commissioner and Agent; Purr McEwen

Audience: Mark Stinson – DEP, Patrick and Mary O’Neal, Robert Ronzio, Colleen Cox, Randy Christiansen – Stantec, Howard Lerner, Kay Lerner, Beth Van Ness, Tim Fogarty

1.      Approval of minutes of November 15, 2012 meetings.
           Mr. Morley motioned to accept the minutes, seconded by Mr. Moylan, all in favor

2.      Approval of the October 18, 2012 minutes
           Mr. Morley motioned to accept, seconded by Mr. Pryor, all in favor.

3.      Request for Amendment to Order of Conditions Howard Lerner (Sherwood    
        Forest Lake District)  Big Robin Hood Lake Dam  Will Scarlett Drive
        Map 216 Lot 418  DEP #102-0386  Upgrading of slope protection

 Randy Christiansen, Environmental Scientiest, Stantec Consulting representing Sherwood Forest. Back in October 2012 a Notice of Intent for the rehabilitation of big Robin Hood Dam was submitted; they also came before the Commission for the little Robin Hood Dam. An Order of Conditions was issued the end of November 2012. Since then there was additional discussion between the district and the design engineer about the need for over topping protection--- when the spillway capacity is exceeded that the dam itself is over-topped.  During Hurricane Irene there was overtopping causing the damage which is being rehabilitated by the original filing. In discussion with Ms. Vsetecka, it was felt that the amendment process the way to go. They filed an amendment and abutters were notified as required. The amendment was similar to the original plans with a minor change. They will be using a product called Armoflex which is an articulated concrete block (as opposed to a solid wall of concrete) with spaces in between.  These are laid down on mats where water will permeate it to the point where full vegetated cover will result. The   layering of the product is as follows: you will have the structural fill of the dam followed by a geo-grid material, high density polyethelene plastic, followed by the actual mats of the geo-grid over-layed with top soil over the articulated blocks. Woody growth can occur with the articulated blocks but greatly reduced which will then reduce the maintenance.  There are the benefits of percolation and vegetated growth.  The big difference from a Wetlands Protection Act prospective is the material has to be towed in to the top and the bottom of the dam where it is buried. As it is going down the back side where the turbulence occurs, it needs to get all the way down to the tow. The impacts are now permanent and will be going from 600 square feet up to 1380 square feet of vegetation.  They are asking for the addition of the overtopping amendment.  

Additional points: There is no history on the life of the concrete.  The engineer requires a dam permit from dam safety. Erosion control barriers will be what was submitted in the original NOI.  The project will be bid this spring and to meet the low flow requirements they want to start late summer. Should there be a major storm when everything is denuded in order to protect the dam, the contractor hired,  who will be responsible, has it in his best interest to get this completed ASAP.  Otherwise, there is no procedure in place in the Notice of Intent to address this.  Mr. Morley is requesting the availability of tarping should this occur which Mr. Christiansen agreed would not be a problem.  The sub base material is gravel which will provide additional protection.  

There was no public comment.

Mr. Morley motioned to amend the Order of Conditions to allow for the use of Armoflex as presented in the plan with the revision date of 12/6/12 with the condition that prior to the denuding of the surface of the dam, poly or tarp material and sand bag material be kept on site to prevent the impact of severe weather, seconded by Mr. Winters, all in favor.

4.      DEP Letter
Mr. Morley motioned to sign the letter to reinstate the NOI review process, seconded by Mr. Moylan, all in favor.

5.      Administrative  business
Patrick and Mary O’ Neal, 304 Brooker Hill Road are looking to purchase the property which                    passed the perc test and they wanted to be sure it is a buildable lot.  On the property exists an intermittent stream as well as a larger stream nearby. The former owner cut trees without getting a variance but that has been settled.  He was advised to file a Request for Determination.  Mr. Morley stated that the streams could be an issue concerning buffer zones, etc. and therefore plans should be submitted on what their intention is in order for the Commission to make an accurate determination.

6.      Other

Colleen Cox, Tim Fogerty,  226 Jacobs Ladder, regarding the gas station near their property that was scheduled to be built  and is now supposedly on hold. They wondered what was happening since there has been an extraordinary amount of fill being brought in. They have contacted several boards for information without success. Mr. Morley advised that this is not in Conservation’s jurisdiction.

Mr. Morley motioned to adjourn, seconded by Mr. Pryor, all in favor. Meeting adjourned 7:17.

Scott Morley, Chair Date

Richard Pryor, Vice Chair Date

Kathy Vsetecka, Commissioner/Agent Date

Bud Moylan, Commissioner Date

Purr McEwen, Commissioner Date

Marty Winters, Commissioner Date

Respectfully Submitted,
Martie Martin

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