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Conservation Commission Minutes 7/21/12
Becket Conservation Commission

Present:  Richard Pryor; Vice Chair; Bud Moylan; Marty Winters; Purr McEwen; Scott Morley, Chair; Kathy Vsetecka, Agent and Commissioner
Richard Pryor, Vice Chair presiding
Absent:  None  

Richard Pryor opened the meeting at 6:30 PM.

1.      Continued Notice of Intent Conservation Group, Inc.  Barry Fogel, Esq.  Center  Pond Dam  Map 210 Lots 28,30,04 DEP #102-0372 Maintenance, repair and improvement of Center Pond Dam
        Kathy cited a letter from Barry Fogel requesting that the Commission continue
        this hearing to the August 18, 2011 meeting.
        Motion by Bud to continue to the August 18, 2011 meeting with the applicant’s consent  Second by Marty.  Unanimous approval

2.      Notice of Intent  Keith Tremblay 31 Lyman Street  Map 206 lot 27  DEP #102-0373 Repair of septic system
        Kathy stated that she and Bud had done a site inspection.  The septic system is located over 100’ from the river and because it is a repair, it does not need a permit.  [10:58(c)]  A negative determination should be issued.
        Motion by Purr to issue a negative determination  citing the regulation exempting the activity.  Second by Marty.  Unanimous approval

3.      Request for Determination of Applicability  Gilles Beaudoin  11 Lancelot Lane Map 217 Lot 76  Installation of a shed/garage in the buffer zone of Lancelot Lake
        Kathy, Bud and Marty did a site inspection.  All the trees to be cut are marked with tape. Richard asked if any excavation would be needed.  Gilles responded that the building inspector stated that the building should be anchored because of its length. Four piers will be put on each side.  Gravel will be put down under the shed.  Large boulders will be put across the lake side of the building.  (This was added to the plan).  Richard asked about an erosion control.  (This was also put on the plan.)  Mr. Beaudoin will use his own equipment.
        Motion by Purr to issue a negative determination with Becket Standard Conditions.  Second by Marty.  Unanimous approval

4.      Request for Determination of Applicability  Robert Harris 163 Old Pond Road  Map 210 Lot 36.2  Repair of existing stone wall within the buffer zone of Center Pond.
        Mr. Harris showed the plan and stated that a drain pipe will be installed on the upper side of the stone wall.  Bud stated that this was not on the plan.  (Mr. Harris added this to the plan.)   A 4” perforated pipe will be used;  the water will drain into an existing wetland.  The wall will be a “step-up” wall.
        Motion by Purr to issue a negative determination with Becket Standard Conditions.  Second by Scott.  Unanimous approval

5.      Amended Order of Conditions  Judith and Barry Dichter  Tyne Road  Map 203 Lot 50.3  DEP #102-0354  construction of a pervious crushed stone pathway to Yokum Pond and minor site work within the buffer zone of Yokum Pond.
        Marc Volk of Foresight Land Services presented the plan.  The 4 ½ foot wide pervious crushed stone pathway is proposed to be constructed over two proposed 1 inch diameter conduits installed at or slightly below existing grade.  Purr asked what equipment, if any, would be used.  Mr. Volk responded that a small excavator would be used.  One 10 inch red maple will be removed.  Wattles will be installed at the end of the path lakeside.  (This was added to the plan). The plan also included picking up random rock within the buffer zone that occurred as a result of blasting operations.
        Motion by Purr to approve the Amended Order of Conditions as noted on plan.  Second by Bud.  Unanimous approval

6.      Request for Determination of Applicability  Alan Rothstein  203 Moberg Rd.  Map 218 Lot 57  Extension of an existing screened porch within the buffer of a bordering vegetated wetland.
        No representative present.  Kathy and Bud did a site visit.  The site was well marked with stakes showing where the addition would be and where the erosion controls would be installed.  The addition is basically an “extension” of the existing screen porch/deck.  Bud stated that he had no problem at all with the plan.
        Motion by Purr to issue a negative determination with Becket Standard Conditions.  Second by Bud.  Unanimous approval.

7.      Request for Certificate of Compliance  Cynthia Ciccone 436 Sherwood Drive
        Map 215 Lot 190
        Kathy explained that a Certificate had been issued a number of years ago but was never recorded and now cannot be found.  The house has just been sold.  The easiest way to resolve the situation is just  to re-approve and to issue another Certificate.
        Motion by Purr to re-approve the request for a Certificate of Compliance.  Second by Scott.  Unanimous approval.

8.      Administrative Business

                a.  Approval of June 16, 2011 minutes
                     Motion by Purr to approve the June 16, 2011 minutes.  Second by
                     Scott.  Unanimous approval.

                b.  Approval of June 30, 2011 minutes   
                     Motion by Purr to approve the June 30, 2011 minutes.  Second by
                     Bud.  Unanimous approval.

                c.  A letter was received re the resurfacing of the tennis courts.  Bud
                     Kathy did a site visit.  There is no filling, altering, etc. to the land.  
                         It also appears to be over 50 feet from the river.  A request was
                     made to the Town Administrator to have a silt fence put up inside   
                     the fenced area of the courts as a precautionary measure.

                d.  Kathy noted that an email was received from the Shabecoffs who own
                     a pond on their property off  Plumb Road.  They asked about the
                     correct permit application to submit for having the weeds and some silt
                     removed from the pond.  A Notice of Intent would be needed.

                    e.  Kathy asked about buying a new computer for the Commission.  A
                     discussion about what type and brand of computer was held.  The
                         Commission would like to have a laptop; also either an HP or Toshiba.
                      with Windows 7.  Kathy would find out the right procedure for
                     purchasing it.  
                         Motion by Scott to have the Commission purchase a new laptop.
                     Second by Purr.  Unanimous approval.

Motion to adjourn by Richard at 7:25 PM.  Second by Scott.  Unanimous approval.

                                                        Respectfully submitted:
                                                        Kathleen Vsetecka

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