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Conservation Commission Minutes 5/21/09

Becket Conservation Commission
May 21, 2009

The Meeting is called to order at 6:31.

Commissioners Present: Scott Morley, Vice Chair; Kathy Vsetecka, Commissioner and Agent; Bud Moylan; Purr McEwen, Chair

Commissioners absent:  Derrick Rodgers; Marty Winters

1. Continued Notice of Intent SOLO Sherwood Forest Lakes and Ponds  Map 216 DEP #102-353  Chemical treatments using herbicides, hand-harvesting and cutting   

Purr motioned to continue to June 18 Budd seconded.  All in favor.  
2. Request for Certificate of Compliance  Glen and Kathy Zeh  269 Old Pond Rd.  Map 210 lot 50

Motion made by Pearl to continue to June 18, Scott seconded all in favor.

3. Request for Certificate of Compliance Joe Maggi 883 King Richard Drive  Map 215 lot 189 Joe Maggie present. Joe Petrinno from Environmental Services representing. Reviewed map showing the area that was reflagged.  Submitted boilerplate plan form demonstrating a 3 foot dock that he would reduce to 1 ½ foot dock with open spaces narrow enough so that the children’s feet can’t go through but would allow sunshine.  It will be 3 feet wide. The lumber suggested by Joe P is cedar post.  

Motion made by Purr for the restoration for above property in the wetland area within 10 feet on either side of the planned walkway and underneath would be the New England seed mix, a mix of 10 wetland shrubs on west side and 8 on the east to be planted which needs to be done by June 15.   Planting should be 12 - 18 inches and monitored in a year for compliance and recorded to the commission. Removal of dead fall allowed but no raking. Motion seconded by Scott, unanimously approved.

     4. Request for Determination of Applicability  Lesley Kammerman  158 Long Bow Lane East  Map 213 lot 63  Construction of  a 20’ x 25’ single story addition in the buffer zone of a bordering vegetated wetland.  Mark Drigigoli, Fox Homes representing.  Mark reviewed plans by Foresight Land Services pointing out the stakes were laid out and the placement of silt fence.  Two trees will be lost but they aren’t particularly healthy at this time.  Some excavation, possibly four feet with limited pile up and pile will be controlled.  

Motion made by Purr for Negative DOA to apply Becket Standard Conditions including the cutting of two trees adjacent to excavation site with two native shrubs to replace them; seconded by Scott, all approved.

      5. Request for Certificate of Compliance  Sherwood Greens Road District  Map 213 Lot 131

 Motion made my Kathy to issue a COC seconded by Purr with all in favor.

6. Request for Extension of Order of Conditions  Mark and Mary Thomas Cherokee Road  Map 218 lot 150  Building of a single family home with amenities  

Motion made by Purr for 2 year extension on OOC seconded by Scott, all in favor.

 7. Administrative business

Motion made by Purr to officially hire Martie Martin to be recorder for the Becket Conservation Commission. Bud seconded with all in favor.

Picnic Celebration for retirement of Richard Furlong was discussed and who will attend. Purr will make list.

Purr wants to distribute to the different ponds in the area as to what is permissible with clearing of trees within the buffer zone.

Scott suggest that a letter to be sent to Mr. Morris to remind him of removal of slash piles and stumps by June 30.  

Scott wants to record on Rob Gordon’s property an Enforcement Order on his deed.

Kathy needs to notify Roosevelt Ltd. LLC Inc., Map 209 Lot 23 that OOC has expired.

The Becket Conservation Commission would like to officially thank Blanche Lennington for her many years of service.

Approval of minutes of April 16, 2009 Meeting.

Motion made by Budd to adjourn, seconded by Purr, the meeting is adjourned at 7:32.

Respectfully Submitted,

Martie Martin, Recorder

Scott Morley, Vice Chair                                                                     Date

Purr McEwen, Chair                                                                                    Date

Kathy Vsetecka,  Commisioner and Agent                                                 Date

Budd Morley, Commissioner                                                                      Date

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