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Community Preservation Committee Minutes 2/14/11
Community Preservation Committee
February 14, 2011  7:03 p.m.
Town Hall- Becket Room
Present: Kathleen Vsetecka, Robert Gorden, Bill Cavenaugh, Rita Furlong
Absent, Neil Toomey, Bob Podolski, Ann Krawet
Three proposals for funding were heard at the Public Hearing on Feb. 9, 2011.
They were:
1.Becket Arts Center-$16,960 for roof repair, chimney repair/rebuilding,                                             water heater
2.Higley Apothecary Shop owned by Zina and Tony Jayne -$25,000 for new roof and repair foundation
3.Mullen House Education Center-$20,000  for labor and materials to complete siding, ADA bathroom, kitchenette, widening of doors for ADA compliance, porch
After a long discussion, it was decided to recommend to voters at the ATM the following plan:
  • Mullen House Education Center-$20,000 from present Budgeted Reserve account. Town owned building.
  • Arts Center-$10,000 for roof repair($5,000) and chimney repair work($5,000) to be paid through the Historic Preservation Fund-($4,000) available now and the remaining ($6,000) to be taken from the 2012 Budgeted Reserve fund later on. Town owned building.
  • Higley Apothecary Shop- No funding at this time due to the fact that this is private property. A deed restriction must be put in place before the town funding can be provided. Option would be for the owners to turn the building over to the town. Otherwise project was received positively.
Rob presided on #1 as Rita proposed this request. Motion was made by Bill and seconded by Rob. Passed
Motion to fund #1 and #2 as stated above was made by Rita. It was seconded by Kathy. Passed.
Rob made a motion to take no action on #3 at this time because of too many loose ends. He will contact owner to discuss future options. Bill seconded. Passed
Rob will talk with Zina and Tony relaying this information. They must provide a deed restriction on this portion of their property. Massachusetts CPA strongly suggests this procedure before being funded by town monies.
Rob will call the CP Coalition, that we are a member of, to see whether or not we have to vote 5% of yearly funds to the Expense portion of the yearly accounts.
***Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2011, Rob called and reported back to me that we do not have to apportion 5% yearly. It can be whatever we want it to be to cover anticipated needs. He also found out that the unused portion of the Expense account is put into the Budgeted Reserve account at the end of each fiscal year.
Rita proposed a new schedule for procedure for the following year.
  • Proposals due Feb. 28th of each year.
  • CPA meeting to familiarize ourselves with these proposals-first Monday in March
  • CPA Public Hearing will be the third Wednesday of March at 6:00p.m. Those asking for funding must attend to present their proposals to the public.
  • CPA meeting to decide on which proposals to recommend to ATM voters for approval- first Monday in April.
  • Write up articles for ATM at April meeting. Plan which funding source to use.
Meeting adjourned at 8:10.
Respectfully submitted,
Rita Furlong, vice chairman

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