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Community Preservation Committee Minutes 1/26/09
Community Preservation Committee
Meeting: January 26, 2009 Town Hall 7:00 P.M.
Attendance: Bill Cavenaugh, Rita Furlong, Kathy Vsetecka, Rob Gorden
Absent: Neil Toomey, Bob Podolski, Jeanne Pryor
  • Decided to meet monthly on the second Wednesday at 7:00
  • Elected officers: Neil Toomey-Chairman
                             Rob Gorden- Vice Chairman
                             Jeanne Pryor- Clerk
These decisions were made by those attending and may be altered if absent persons do not accept positions.
  • Clerk will take minutes and post meetings.
  • We created a membership list including phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Copies will be given to all members.
  • We will elect officers annually at the January meeting. Rotation of officers elected will occur if possible.
  • Records will be kept in a file drawer in the copy room labeled CPA.
  • A yearly report will be given at the ATM. Eventually, when moneys have accrued, suggested expenditures will be voted on at the annual meeting.
  • Suggested expenditures must be approved by the state before ATM voting.
  • Ideas suggested at this meeting for possible future projects are: protect old town records, cemetery stone repair/restoration, elderly/low income housing, non-vinyl  siding for the town hall.  Future ideas will be listed until sufficient funds are accrued for a project.
  • Discussion was held on the feasibility of a housing project and so Rob will get information on how the housing project works in Stockbridge and Worthington .
  • February meeting may be a training session on how CPA works and what the committee is responsible for monthly. Town administrator will contact the state to set up this session.
  • Next meeting will be on Wed. February 11, 2009.
Meeting adjourned:  7:40
Respectfully submitted,

Rita Furlong, Clerk Pro-tem

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