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Special Permit - Applicant Responsibilities
413-623-8934 EXT. 20

(Revised 11/03/05)
Subject to change
Responsibilities of Applicant:
1.      Submit two copies of the fully completed application to the Town Clerk who will certify receipt and forward one copy to the Planning Board.
The application must be accompanied by:*
·       Detailed site plan stamped by a registered engineer, architect, or land surveyor including
o       Footprint(s) of existing and/or proposed structure(s) specifying distances to boundary lines
o       Location of septic and well
o       Clear indication of boundary lines
·       Written description of proposed project
·       $100.00 nonrefundable clerical fee made payable to “Town of Becket”.
Applications received on or before the 1st of the month will be placed on the following  month’s agenda. (i.e. Received 2/2 – 3/1:  On April Agenda.)
*Additional information may be requested at the discretion of the Board.

2.      Reimburse town for costs of legally mandated notifications.
·       All mailing costs, made payable to “Reserve Account”.
·       Legal Notice publication cost, made payable to “Town of Becket”.
Amounts will be provided when determined and both checks must be received prior to the start of the public hearing.
3.      Attend public hearing or have a legally appointed representative attend.
4.      Submit Notice for Recording in the Registry to the Registry of Deeds.
(This will be supplied by the Town Clerk after the 20 day appeal period.)

Additional Requirements for Signs
1.      Place a stake in the ground at the site of proposed sign.
2.      Member of the Board or third party will complete a site visit.
3.      Photos of the site of the proposed sign must be submitted with application. ~Photos & dimensions of sign must be submitted before the public hearing.
4.      Applicant will directly contact the Town Building Inspector/Zoning Officer. ~Photos and/or drawings must be submitted to the above officer in addition to a copy of the application.
5.      Written permission must be obtained from the property owner (if owner is not the applicant).