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Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes 2/5/13
Becket Zoning Board of Appeals
Unapproved Minutes
Tuesday, February 5th, 2013
Board Members Present: Joshua Lombard; Chairperson, Robert Gorden; Clerk,  Karen Karlberg, Jeffrey Wilkinson, Sue Deacon.

Board Members Absent:  None

Public Present: None

Meeting called to order:  7:00 p.m.  

Review and Acceptance of  December 4th, 2013  Meeting Minutes –Mr. Jeffrey Wilkinson  makes a motion to accept the meeting minutes as presented, Mr. Joshua Lombard seconds motion; Unanimous Approval.

Public Participation: None

New Business- Ms. Karen Karlberg passes out copies of a letter that she has drafted, she asks ZBA members present to please read and review the letter (letter attached). Ms. Karlberg briefly explains that the letter references the Conboy property and all the recent activity that has taken place there.  Ms. Karlberg advises that this property has become a real eyesore and that, she further explains that not only is the property being logged, she explains that the owner is also  bringing in fill  that could quite possibly be contaminated. Mr. Wilkinson states that although the property may be a bit unsightly, he is not sure what, if any, bylaw is actually being violated. Ms. Deacon agrees, asking Ms. Karlberg  if she could tell them specifically what section of the bylaw is being violated  so that they can be aware of it and review it at their convenience.   Ms. Karlberg states that this has completely changed the whole neighborhood, as well as brought down their property values.  At this time, Mr. Lombard states that he will give this matter his immediate attention and he confirms that he will call the building inspector to set up a time when they can sit down and discuss this very important matter further. Mr. Lombard states that he will report his findings.

Correspondence- Read and Reviewed

Budget- Read and Reviewed. Ms. Karlberg advises that there is a conference at Holy Cross College that she would be very interested in attending, and states that the cost of the conference is $50.00. Mr. Lombard advises that he will authorize the $50.00 registration fee to be paid by the ZBA on Ms. Karlberg’s behalf so that she may attend.

Mr. Josh Lombard makes a motion to adjourn the meeting, Mr. Wilkinson seconds the motion; Unanimous Approval. Meeting is adjourned at 7: 38 pm.

Schedule next meeting for Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013.

Signed____________________________         Date____________________
           Joshua Lombard

Signed_____________________________       Date _____________________
           Robert Gorden

Signed_______________________________       Date_____________________
         Jeffrey Wilkinson

Signed______________________________   Date_________________________
          Sue Deacon

Respectfully Submitted,

Heather Hunt
Administrative Secretary

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