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Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes 8/7/12
Becket Zoning Board of Appeals
Unapproved Minutes
Tuesday, August 7th, 2012
Board Members Present: Joshua Lombard; Chairperson, Karen Karlberg, Jeffrey Wilkinson, Sue Deacon, Robert Gorden; Clerk.

Board Members Absent:  None

Members of the Public Present:   Ann Bruzzi, Paul Merrill, Chris Merrill.

Meeting called to order:  7:02 p.m.  

Review and Acceptance of  July 3rd,  2012  Meeting Minutes –Ms. Sue Deacon makes a motion to accept the meeting minutes as presented, Mr. Jeff Wilkinson seconds motion; Unanimous Approval.

Public Hearing: Paul and Chris Merrill, Map 211 Lot  110, 229 East Shore Drive
Mr. Joshua Lombard opens public hearing and advises that there are agendas on the table. He also confirms with the secretary that all fees and reimbursements have been paid to the Town.
 Ann Bruzzi , Berkshire Engineering, approaches the board and introduces the applicants; Paul and Kris Merrill. Ms. Bruzzi passes out the architectural drawings/plans that have been prepared.  Ms. Bruzzi advises that the Merrill’s are long standing residents of the Town of Becket. She advises that the current cottage, located at 229 East Shore Drive is fairly run-down and that they would like this special permit so that they are able to knock it down and build a new one in its place.  Ms. Bruzzi advises that there is a secondary cottage on the property as well that will be torn down and a garage will be constructed in its place.  Ms. Bruzzi explains that the garage will house the Merrill’s boat as well as some provide some storage. Ms. Bruzzi also informs the board members that both of the direct abutters (the Strohmengers and the Gurrys) have both submitted letters in favor of the proposed project. Ms. Bruzzi further advises that the new house will be about 400 ft. larger than the existing one and that the garage will be slightly larger as well. The house will sit at a deeper angle as to take in a better view of the lake. Ms. Bruzzi passes out a photograph of the existing cottage to show the board its deteriorating state. Mr. Wilkinson asks what the square footage of the new proposed structures will be; Ms. Bruzzi advises that the proposed house will be 1512 sq. ft. and the proposed garage will be 480 sq. ft. Mr. Wilkinson then asks how many bedrooms the new home will have, Ann explains that the reduced the number of bedrooms by one, thus it shall have three bedrooms. Ms. Deacon asks that Ms. Bruzzi clarify the new proposed floor plan, specifically the walk out basement. Ms. Bruzzi states that the walk out basement will provide storage for their kayaks, as well as some beach stuff. Ms. Bruzzi confirms that at this point there are no plumbing accommodations.  Mr. Merrill confirms that the general purpose is for mechanical, storage, furnace, purposes.  Ms. Deacon asks if the property can handle a four bedroom proposed septic? Ann advises that it cannot at this time without adding some technology.  Ms. Bruzzi adds that there are quite a few other comparable, two-story homes in the area. Board members take time to review letters from the abutters. Ms. Bruzzi informs the board that the Merrills will be coming before the planning board the next day to present a Form A that would give them additional property and some road frontage. Ms. Deacon states that the Strohmengers did have an issue with their septic and where it was going to go, however she explains that the Board of Health has satisfied their concerns. Ms. Deacon also asks the applicants when they would like to start; Mr. Merrill replies that they would love to start immediately. Mr. Robert Gorden expresses concerns that the Strohmenger’s letter states “similar building” and he states that he would like to have that clarified.
Mr. Lombard solicits for a motion to vote on the application as presented; Mr. Gorden makes a motion to approve the application as presented, Ms. Sue Deacon seconds proposal; Unanimous Approval.

Public Participation: None

Old Business-  Ms. Heather Hunt confirms that per request of the Zoning Board of Appeals members, she drafted a letter and sent it to Mr. Gary Danko, advising him that he either needs to come back and complete the public hearing for the Epstein’s property or he can have the option to withdraw the application without prejudice and come back at a later date. Ms.  Hunt confirms that at this time, Mr. Danko has decided to withdraw his application without prejudice and come back at a later date.

Correspondence- Read and Reviewed

Budget- Read and Reviewed

Mr. Lombard reminds board members that he will not be at the next ZBA meeting, scheduled for September 4th. Board members briefly discuss rescheduling and then decide to go ahead and cancel the September meeting. Mr. Lombard makes a motion to cancel the September 4th, 2012 meeting, Ms. Deacon seconds motion; Unanimous Approval.

Mr. Gorden makes a motion to adjourn the meeting, Ms. Karen Karlberg seconds motion; Unanimous Approval. Meeting is adjourned at 7:47 pm.

Schedule next meeting for Tuesday, October  2nd, 2012.

Signed____________________________         Date____________________
           Joshua  Lombard

Signed_______________________________       Date_____________________
         Jeffrey Wilkinson

Signed_______________________________        Date_____________________
          Karen Karlberg

Signed_______________________________   Date________________________
          Robert Gorden        

Signed______________________________   Date_________________________
          Sue Deacon

Respectfully Submitted,

Heather Hunt
Administrative Secretary

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