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Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes 7/3/12
Becket Zoning Board of Appeals
Approved Minutes
Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012
Board Members Present: Joshua Lombard; Chairperson, Karen Karlberg, Jeffrey Wilkinson, Sue Deacon, Robert Gorden; Clerk.

Board Members Absent:  None

Members of the Public Present:   None present

Meeting called to order:  7:01 p.m.  

Review and Acceptance of April 3rd,  2012  Meeting Minutes – Mr Robert Gorden reads aloud the meeting minutes as presented, advising that it has been quite a long time since the last meeting, that a quick review will refresh everyone’s memory. Karen Karlberg makes a motion to approve the meeting minutes as presented, Robert Gorden seconds motion; Unanimous Approval.

Public Input-None

New Business- Secretary, Heather Hunt, passes out information packets on new application received. Board members briefly review submission of application from Paul and Kris Merrill, 229 East Shore Drive, Map 211 Lot 110; applicants request a dimensional special permit. Public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, August 7th at 7:00 pm.

Chairman, Joshua Lombard asks if the Zoning Board has recently heard anything from Mr. Gary Danko, regarding the Epstein Application. Ms. Hunt reminds board members that they had received a letter, quite a while ago, asking for some additional time to prepare and complete the original request on behalf of the Epsteins.  Mr. Lombard recalls the additional time that they had been given, however states that it has been a very long time and that if the applicants are not soon prepared to come before the ZBA, then they should consider withdrawing the application, without prejudice and come back to the board at a later date when they are more prepared. Ms. Karen Karlberg makes a motion to give the current applicants until the month of September to either  complete their proposal and public hearing, or to withdraw without prejudice and come back at a later date, Mr. Gorden seconds motion; Unanimous  Approval.
Mr. Lombard instructs the secretary to send a letter to Mr. Danko, advising of the September deadline.

Correspondence- Read and Reviewed

Budget- Read and Reviewed

Ms. Sue Deacon makes a motion to adjourn meeting, Ms. Karlberg seconds motion; Meeting is adjourned at 7:25 pm.

Schedule next meeting for Tuesday, September 4th, 2012.

Signed____________________________         Date____________________
           Joshua  Lombard

Signed_______________________________       Date_____________________
         Jeffrey Wilkinson

Signed_______________________________        Date_____________________
          Karen Karlberg

Signed_______________________________   Date________________________
          Robert Gorden        

Signed______________________________   Date_________________________
          Sue Deacon

Respectfully Submitted,

Heather Hunt
Administrative Secretary

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