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Zoning Board of Appeals 3/2/10
Becket Zoning Board of Appeals
Approved Minutes
Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Board Members Present: Joshua Lombard; Chairperson, Nick Speranzo, Robert Gorden, Mark Burgwardt, Susan Schneider.

Board Members Absent:  Barbara Stuhlman.

Members of the Public Present: Lynne Locke, Stan Locke, Richard Pryor, Gary Danko, Ann Bruzzi, Patricia Tobey, George Tobey.   

Meeting called to order:  7:05 p.m.  

Review and Acceptance of February 2nd, 2010 meeting minutes – Mark Burgwardt makes a motion to approve minutes of February 2nd, 2010. Robert Gorden  seconds motion; unanimous Approval.

Public Hearing: Mr. William Cichaski, 27 Western Ave, Map 211 Lot 86.
Hearing Continued.  Mr. Robert Gorden makes a motion to continue public hearing;  Mark Burgwardt  seconds motion to continue. Hearing is continued until further notice.

Public Hearing: Stanley and Lynne Locke, property at 462 Long Bow Lane East , Map 214 Lot 41.2-
Secretary confirms that all fees have been paid and that all proper advertising has been done timely.
Mr. Gary Danko, representing applicants, Stanley and Lynne Locke, approaches the board. Mr. Danko reminds board members that he had previously met some of them when the board conducted a site visit at the said property.  Mr. Danko presents the board with plans that he has had prepared to better explain the conditions at 462 Long Bow Lane East . Mr. Danko confirms that he has had conversation with Kathy V. (Conservation Commission) and that there are no problems. Mr. Danko goes on to describe the property , advising that although the lot is 2 acres, and has plenty of road frontage, the very,very steep grade makes the proposed location for the garage the only feasible solution. Mr. Burgwardt expresses concern for the structure being so close to the road. Board members question whether or not they will be blasting the existing ledge before starting the project or if there are other methods being considered. Mr. Danko discusses various options they have before them. Ms. Schneider questions the angle at which the garage is being proposed. Mr. Danko assures her that the applicants would like to keep the entrance to the home in the same location if possible, thus the odd angle for the proposed garage. At this time, the secretary presents the board members with eleven letters that have been received on behalf of the applicants, showing support for the proposed project. All letters presented were in favor of the Locke’s project. Member of the public, Richard Pryor also states that the reason he is in attendance at the meeting is to show his support for the Locke’s proposed project. (All letters are on file in the Planning Board Office)    Chairperson, Mr. Joshua Lombard asks if there are any more questions or comments, hearing none, he solicits for a motion to be made.
Mr. Burgwardt makes a motion to allow up to a 36 ft. variance from the front yard setback to construct a new 16’ x 24’ detached garage to have a place to keep a car out of the elements and the ability to store yard and associated tools. The property is located at 462 Long Bow Lane East, Assessors’ Map 214 Lot 41.2. Mr Robert Gorden seconds the motion. Mr. Joshua Lombard polls board for a vote;

Susan Schneider- Approve
Mark Burgwardt- Approve
Joshua Lombard- Approve
Robert Gorden- Approve
Nicholas Speranzo- Approve
Barbara Stuhlman- Absent

Unanimous Approval; Public Hearing closes at 7:31 pm.

Public Hearing: George and Patricia Tobey, property at 31 Western Ave, Map 211 Lot 87-

Hearing opens at 7:33 pm.

Chairperson, Joshua Lombard confirms with the secretary that all fees have been paid and notices properly advertised and posted. Ann Bruzzi from Berkshire Engineering approaches board members and introduces herself.  Ann explains that she will be representing George and Patricia Tobey and presenting their application for a dimensional special permit to the board. Ms. Bruzzi goes on to advise that the property is located at 31 Western Avenue  , explaining that one would drive down Rte. 8, turn down East Shore Road and the property would be found on the eastern side of Western Ave. Ms. Bruzzi assures the board that there are no Wetlands involved. Ms. Bruzzi explains that they would like to demolish the existing structure and erect a new 1436 sq. ft. structure under section 3.4.5 of the Becket Zoning By-laws. This permit request is to allow an increase in an existing non-conformity and further incursion where ever it shall find that adjoining areas have been previously developed by the construction of buildings or structures on lots generally smaller than 2 acres that is prescribed by the current bylaw.  Ms. Bruzzi explains that the current house is on piers and the new home will have a full foundation. Ms. Bruzzi goes on to detail the location of such things as the porch and the water supply as well as the new septic. Mr. Burgwardt ask if there are many existing homes in this area. Ms Bruzzi informs the board that there is a small cluster of cottages in this specific area. Mr. Lombard asks when the cottage was built; Ms. Bruzzi informs the board that the existing cottage was built in 1957.  Ms. Bruzzi  explains that the Board of Health will meet tomorrow evening and that they have already been in contact with Mr. Fuller and do not expect any problems. Ms. Bruzzi goes on to explain that the structure will be 29 ft. from the front line setback, 8 ft. from the eastern property line and 16 ft. from the western property line.  Ann confirms that a whole new foundation will be in place and that there will be a 10ft. x 20 ft. parking spot for two cars.  
Mr. Lombard asks if there are any more questions,hearing none, he solicits for a motion to be made. Mr. Burgwardt makes a motion to allow a dimensional special permit for the reconstruction of an existing non-conforming single family residential house. The applicant is proposing to demolish the existing house and reconstruct it with upgraded infrastructure including an on-site sewage disposal system in compliance with title 5 regulations. The proposed two bedroom house will substantially utilize the footprint of the previous structure, any further encroachment of side yard setbacks will be within previously maintained areas. Mr. Robert Gorden seconds motion. Hearing closes at 7:50 pm.
Mr. Lombard polls the board for a vote;

Susan Schneider- Approve
Mark Burgwardt- Approve
Joshua Lombard- Approve
Nick Speranzo- Approve
Robert Gorden-Approve
Barbara Stuhlman- Absent

Unanimous Approval

Public Participation - None

Correspondence- Read and Reviewed

Budget – Read and Reviewed

Mr. Burgwardt makes a motion to adjourn meeting; Mr. Gorden seconds motion. Meeting is adjourned at 7:55 pm.

Schedule next meeting for Tuesday, April 6th, 2010.

Signed______________________________         Date____________________
          Joshua Lombard

Signed_______________________________       Date______________________
          Susan Schneider

Signed_______________________________       Date______________________
          Nick Speranzo

Signed _______________________________       Date______________________
           Robert Gorden

Signed_______________________________        Date______________________
           Mark Burgwardt
Respectfully Submitted,

Heather Hunt
Administrative Secretary

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