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Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes 8/4/09
Becket Zoning Board of Appeals
Approved Minutes
Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Board Members Present:  Joshua Lombard ; Chairperson, Robert Gorden;Clerk,  Mark Burgwardt, Beth VanNess, Barbara Stuhlman

Board Members Absent: Susan Schneider.
Members of the Public Present:  William Osborn.

Meeting called to order:  7:02 p.m.  

Review and Acceptance of  July 7th , 2009 Meeting Minutes – Mr. Joshua Lombard  makes a motion to approve minutes from July 7th , 2009. Mr. Mark Burgwardt seconds motion; Unanimous Approval.

Public Hearing: Mr. William Cichaski, 27 Western Ave, Map 211, Lot 86.
Hearing Continued.

Public Hearing Continued; William Osborn , 57 Lancelot Lane , Map 217 Lot 81, Application requesting a variance.
7:07 Public Hearing.
Mr. Joshua Lombard opens hearing and confirms that all fees have been paid and that the abutters have been properly notified.  Mr. Lombard invites the applicant, Mr. William Osborn to approach the board members present and present the information that he has brought to the board. Board members present take out information packets along with plans that they had previously been given. Mr. Osborn approaches the board and introduces himself. Mr. Osborn states that he and his wife only live at 57 Lancelot Lane for six months out of the year. He goes on to explain to the board members that they would like to have a bedroom on the main floor of the home, as to not have to negotiate the spiral staircase, a task that is getting increasingly more difficult as the Osborns get older. Mr. Osborn goes on to detail a description of the existing home, the driveway, yard and pond. Mr. Osborn reminds the board members that the proposed addition would not be visible from the road side in front of the home or from the pond side either. Mr. Osborne explains that he had measured down the road, using Mr. Gilles Beaudoin’s pins, five lots up  as a starting point. He explains to the board members exactly how he came up with his property boundaries. Mr. Osborne assures board that he has confirmed these boundaries with the neighbor as well and reminds the board there has not been any negative input from any abutters.Mr. Osborn states that the addition will come within 10 ft. of the sideline. Ms. VanNess asks whether or not the septic system will allow for 3 bedrooms. Mr. Osborn explains that the home will remain a two bedroom home, with one of the existing bedrooms being transformed into an exercise room.
Mr. Gorden states that he has some concerns regarding the closet space being excessive. Mr. Osborn replies and explains that the proposed closet space will be split between his wife and himself. Ms. VanNess expresses her concern over the fact that the applicant does not have a current survey, advising that it may seem fine for right now, as the neighbor is very friendly with him, however, may pose a problem in the future when the Osborns attempt to sell the property.
Mr. Osborn advises that he has gone to the Building Inspector and that he is aware of his proposed project/plans. Mr. Osborne also states that he has an upcoming hearing with the Conservation Commission and will be acquiring all applicable permits.

Mr. Joshua Lombard makes a motion to approve a 10 ft. variance from the sideline setback to construct a new bedroom on the south side of the existing home. The bedroom/addition will measure 16 ft. x 14 ft. The property is located at 57 Lancelot Lane, Assessors’ Map 217 Lot 81.

Joshua Lombard-Approve
Beth VanNess- Approve
Barbara Stuhlman-Approve
Mark Burgwardt- Approve
Robert Gorden- Approve

Public Participation-None

Correspondence- Read and Reviewed

Budget- Read and Reviewed.

Robert Gorden makes a motion to adjourn meeting; Beth VanNess seconds motion; Meeting adjourns at 8:00 pm.

Schedule next meeting for Tuesday, September 1st, 2009.

Signed_____________________________              Date___________________
           Joshua Lombard, Chairperson

Signed______________________________          Date____________________

           Robert Gorden, Clerk

Signed______________________________          Date ____________________
          Mark Burgwardt

Signed_______________________________        Date_____________________
           Beth VanNess

Signed_______________________________       Date______________________
          Barbara Stuhlman

Respectfully Submitted,

Heather Hunt
Administrative Secretary

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