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Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes 6/2/09
Becket Zoning Board of Appeals
Approved Minutes
Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Board Members Present:  Sue Schneider;Chairperson, Joshua  Lombard ; Clerk , Robert Gorden,  Mark Burgwardt.

Board Members Absent:   None
Members of the Public Present:  Mark Digrigoli, Beth VanNess, Lesley Kammerman, John Kammerman.

Meeting called to order:  7:04 p.m.  

Review and Acceptance of  May 5th , 2009 Meeting Minutes – Mr. Mark Burgwardt  makes a motion to approve minutes from May 5th,2009. Mr. Robert Gorden seconds motion; Unanimous Approval.

Public Hearing: Mr. William Cichaski, 27 Western Ave, Map 211, Lot 86.
Hearing Continued.

New Business
At this time, Chairperson; Susan Schneider explains to the board members present as well as applicants and members of the public present that her term is about to expire, and that before the public hearing is opened, she would like to take a moment to appoint a new clerk and a new chairperson. Ms. Schneider explains that this needs to be done prior to opening the hearing, in the event that a continuation is necessary.
Ms. Scneider nominates Mr. Joshua F. Lombard for the Chairperson position; Mr. Robert Gorden seconds motion; Unanimous Approval. Next, Ms. Schneider nominates Mr. Robert Gorden for the clerk position; Mr. Mark Burgwardt seconds motion; Unanimous Approval.

Public Hearing; Lesley Kammerman, 158 Long Bow Lane, Assessor  Map 213 Lot 63.
Public Hearing opens at 7:011pm.
Ms. Schneider explains to applicants that there is only a four member board present. Mr. Joshua Lombard goes on to explain that the board needs a super majority , however, with only four  members present, all four would need to approve for the request for the dimensional special permit to be approved. Secretary confirms that all fees have been paid and that all the abutters have been appropriately notified via certified mail.
Ms. Kammerman approaches board members and introduces their builder, Mr. Mark Digrigoli. Ms. Kammerman states that their house is a great house, however, they are looking  for more space to accommodate everyone. Ms. Kammerman confirms that they have already been to the Conservation Commission and all went well there. John and Lesley Kammerman present photos of their home that they had taken for the board members to view. Mr. Digrigoli advises board members of the current setbacks as opposed to the newly proposed setbacks will be. Ms. Kammerman explains that the very small piece of property next to them was formerly owned by Mr. Joseph Carrah, however is now owned by the Town of Becket. Lesley advises board members that it is their intention to purchase the property from the Town as soon as it becomes available at an auction. Mr. Kammerman explains that there are no other houses visible from their property. Secretary confirms that there has been no correspondence received from any  of the abutters.
Mr. Digrigoli explains that the Kammermans have improved and will continue to beautify their property with all new improvements proposed. Mr. Digrigoli  explains that the Kammermans carefully chose the location for the addition, keeping in mind their close proximity to the lake and are continually trying to preserve the lake. Mr. Kammerman also adds that the location chosen was of course the least expensive way to go.Applicants present requested floor plan to board members. Mr. Lombard questions the dimensions of the room, asking if it would be possible to shorten the room and make it 15ft. long instead of the proposed 20ft. Ms. Kammerman advises the board to accommodate everything they would like to have in the room to include a ping pong table and a gas fireplace, they truly need every bit of the proposed 20 ft. Mr. Digrigoli advises the board that there are many homes in that area that come a lot closer to the road than the Kammermans and assures them that the property will be beautifully landscaped. Mr. Gorden and Mr. Burgwardt state the project is a definite improvement and makes sense from all aspects.
Ms. Susan Schneider makes a motion to vary the terms of Zoning By-Law 3.4.5 in the following respect: To allow the construction of an approx. 20’ x 25’ single story addition to the East (front) of the existing home. The property is existing, non-conforming, the minimal lot acreage and side yard (north) are not conforming. Although the proposed addition encroaches on the front and side yard setbacks, the conforming (north) side setback is 11 feet and the proposed side setback will be 8ft. 9 inches . The proposed front setback of 32 ft. is only 8 feet less than the required 40 ft. requirement. The property is located at 158 Long Bow Lane East, assessors Map 213, Lot 63.

Susan Schneider- Approve
Joshua F. Lombard- Approve.
Robert Gorden- Approve
Mark Burgwardt- Approve

Unanimous Approval.

Public Participation – Ms. Beth VanNess; member of the public advises that she would be interested in serving on the Zoning Board of Appeals as a regular member. Ms. VanNess states that she has served on the board previously. Board members agree that Ms. VanNess would be a great asset and ask secretary to draft letter to selectmen to appoint her at their earliest convenience.

Correspondence- Read and Reviewed
Mr. Mark Burgwardt submits a letter of resignation that he has written to the zoning board of appeals. Board members discuss, Mr. Burgwardt advises that he would agree to stay on the board, however, as a true alternate member only. He states he would only be available to attend a hearing in the case that a quorum is not going to be present, and then he would come in, as long as he received a call and was advised of the hearing. Board members discuss, and agree to terms presented by Mr. Burgwardt.

Budget- Read and reviewed

Other Business- Informational packets for upcoming hearing are passed out to board members present.

Mr. Gorden makes a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:16 pm; Ms. Schneider seconds motion.
Meeting adjourns at 8:16 p.m.

Schedule next meeting for Tuesday, July 7th.

Respectfully submitted,

Heather Hunt
Administrative Assistant

Signed______________________________             Date__________________
           Susan Schneider

Signed_____________________________              Date___________________
           Joshua Lombard, Chairperson

Signed______________________________          Date____________________

           Robert Gorden, Clerk

Signed______________________________          Date ____________________
          Mark Burgwardt

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