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Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes 9/2/08
Becket ZBA Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, June 6, 2006
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Becket Zoning Board of Appeals
Approved Minutes
Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Board Members Present :  Sue Schneider;Chairperson, Joshua  Lombard ; Clerk , Mark Burgwardt, Robert Gorden, Madeleine Swindlehurst.

Board Members Absent:   None

Members of the  Public Present: Bob Alaine, William Cichaski

Meeting called to order:  7:25  p.m.  

Review and Acceptance of  August 5th,  2008 Meeting Minutes – Mr. Robert Gorden makes a motion to approve August 5th meeting minutes as presented . Mr. Mark Burgwardt seconds motion. Unanimous Approval.

Public Hearing: Stanley Pyrzanowski, request for a dimensional special permit, 97 Shawnee Shore Road, Assessors’ Map 204 Lot 99&100.
Hearing opens at  7:25
Chairperson, Sue Schneider opens hearing at 7:25pm and explains that this hearing is open and continued from last month’s meeting. Mr. Josh  Lombard states that Ann Bruzzi, from Berkshire Engineering, has informed him that the applicant, Stanley Pyrzanowski, has decided to withdraw his application, without prejudice . Mrs. Schneider advises that the ZBA will need something in writing, stating that this is his intention. Secretary will call Berkshire Engineering to request the written withdrawal. Mark Burgwardt makes a motion to accept a withdrawal, from Stanley Pyrzanowski, without prejudice, contingent on receiving the proper documentation. Applicant would be allowed to re-submit an application at a later date. Robert Gorden seconds motion; Unanimous Approval.
Public Hearing:  William Cichaski, request for a dimensional special permit, 27 Western Ave, Map 211 Lot 86.
Hearing opens at 7:30.
Chairperson, Sue Schneider opens hearing at 7:30pm and explains that a 5 member board is present. Mrs. Schneider confirms that all fees have been paid and all abutters have been notified. Mr. Cichaski approaches board, introduces himself,and explains that he desires to remove the old existing cottage, and build a new cottage to measure 26ft. x 34 ft. with a 10 ft. deck. Mr. Cichaski states that he has owned the cottage since 1985. He explains that the cottage has an old tin roof, and sits only 4 inches off the ground, therefore being damaged by the moisture. Mr. Cichaski presents a plan done by White Engineering, showing the proposed 2 bedroom home , with a loft and a deck. The applicant states that he would like to have a full cellar, however, will wait to speak with the concrete people to see what they will recommend. Applicant also states that when speaking with the building inspector, he was informed that he will need a rear door. Mr. Cichaski states that his lot is very small, only measuring 50 ft. x 100 ft. Mr. Cichaski states that he will need a 9 ft. variance for the side setbacks, a 12 ft. variance from the front setback, and a 2 ft. variance from the rear setbacks. Mr. Cichaski states that he would like to have a tight tank, advising that he is an environmentalist, and does not wish to pollute the soil. Mr. Cichaski states that the new building would be conforming to the surrounding area. A brief discussion, regarding whether or not a tight tank would be allowed is pursued. Mr. Cichaski states that his engineer, Bill France, has advised him that a tight tank should be fine. Mr. Lombard requests that the applicant provide the proper documentation that a tight tank is legal when a new construction home is built. Ms. Swindlehurst states that  White Engineering should be able to provide such documentation. Ms. Swindlehurst questions the applicant on documentation that she had found, stating that a tight tank was put in, back on August 10th, 1999 . Mr. Cichaski explains that back in 1999 he was going to put in a tight tank, however, never followed through with his plans, nor filed anything with the state. Ms. Swindlehurst states that she has checked the FEMA maps and the property is not in a flood plain. Mrs. Schneider advises that the hearing should be continued until the October 7th meeting date. Mr. Cichaski states that he will go to the engineer and do his best to get the requested information by that date in October. Ms. Swindlehurst requests that the applicant please update, in writing, what the actual correct setbacks, for side, front, and rear setbacks will be.
Ms. Swindlehurst makes a motion to continue public hearing until October 7th so that applicant may have time to get the requested information. Mr. Gorden  seconds the  motion. Unanimous Approval.

Public Participation:  none

Other Business: Board members present discuss the fact that the board is in need of one alternate member, and one regular member. Board members ask the secretary to please ask Nina to put something on the website to possibly help find someone. Ms. Swindlehurst also suggests that an advertisement in the Country Journal might be a good idea. Ms. Swindlehurst offers to write something up and bring it to the next meeting for board members to review.

Correspondence:Read and Reviewed

Budget:  Read and Reviewed

Mrs. Schneider  makes a motion to adjourn. Mr. Lombard  seconds motion. Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm

Schedule next meeting for Tuesday  October 7th, 2008.

Respectfully submitted,

Heather Hunt
Administrative Assistant

Signed______________________________             Date__________________
           Susan Schneider, Chairperson

Signed_____________________________              Date___________________
           Joshua Lombard , Clerk

Signed______________________________           Date____________________
           Mark Burgwardt

Signed______________________________          Date____________________

           Robert Gorden

Signed _____________________________           Date____________________
           Madeleine Swindlehurst

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