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Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes 6/3/08
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Becket Zoning Board of Appeals
Approved Minutes
Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Board Members Present :  Sue Schneider;Chairperson,  Joshua  Lombard , Donald Munger;Vice Chairperson,  Madeleine Swindlehurst (leaves  7:22, prior to the applicant’s presentation at the  public hearing), Marc Burgwardt, Robert Gorden.

Board Members Absent:   James Grady

Members of the  Public Present: Ann Bruzzi, John Engels

Meeting called to order:  7:03 p.m. Ms. Susan Schneider calls the meeting to order.

Approval of  May 6th,  2008 Meeting Minutes – Chairman, Susan Schneider solicits for a motion to approve. Mr. Lombard makes a motion to approve the May 6th, 2008 meeting minutes. Mr. Munger seconds motion. Unanimous approval.

New Business
Review of current board positions / reorganization. Mrs. Susan Schneider explains to the board members present that some terms of the current ZBA members are going to expire; others need to be reviewed and discussed. Ms. Schneider explains that board member James Grady is currently in Virginia and is unsure when and if he will be back. Mr. Lombard agrees to continue being the alternate for Mr. Grady in his absence. Board members agree to hold open Mr. Grady’s position for right now or until they hear differently. Ms. Swindlehurst states that her term is to expire June 30th, 2008 and that she does not wish to be a regular member. Ms. Swindlehurst states that she may consider being an alternate member in the future if a spot becomes available. Mr. Robert Gorden advises that he would certainly consider becoming a full time member. Mr. Joshua Lombard also agrees to become a regular member. At this time, Mr.  Burgwardt asks Ms. Swindlehurst if she would prefer being an alternate member, explaining that he would be happy to give his alternate position to her. Ms. Swindlehurst advises that an alternate position can be very difficult at times. Ms. Swindlehurst explains that she has many things going on right now and would prefer not to take that position. Ms. Swindlehurst also states that she would always be happy to help out , doing  research, etc. if asked. Mrs. Schneider advises that the board can look again in three months, and re-evaluate if necessary. Mrs. Schneider nominates Mr. Donald Munger to be Chairman. Mr. Joshua Lombard seconds motion. Unanimous approval. Next, Ms. Swindlehurst takes a moment to explain to the board members present what the clerk position entails. Mr. Burgwardt explains that he would not be interested. Mr. Munger  makes a motion to nominate  Mr. Lombard, Ms. Swindlehurst seconds motion. Unanimous approval. Mr. Lombard makes a motion to nominate Ms. Schneider for Vice Chairman , Mr. Burgwardt seconds motion. Unanimous approval. The new Zoning board of Appeals positions are as follows: Mrs. Sue Schneider; Vice Chairman, Mr. Donald Munger; Chairperson, Mr. Joshua Lombard; Clerk, Mr. Robert Gorden; Alternate member, Mr. Mark Burgwardt; Regular member, Mr. James Grady; regular member, Ms. Madeleine Swindlehurst; possible alternate member.

Public Hearing for John and Sharon Engels, 210 Goodwin Road, Assessor Map 210, lot 20.
Public hearing opens at 7:20 p.m. All fees are confirmed paid in full by applicant.  Ms. Ann Bruzzi, from Berkshire Engineering, representing applicants John and Sharon Engels approaches board and introduces herself. At this time Ms. Swindlehurst advises that considering her term is ending on June 30th, 2008, she feels that she should not be seated as a regular member for the public hearing. Ms. Swindlehurst reports that she has however done some research, and presents it to the chairperson. Ms. Swindlehurst recuses herself and leaves the meeting at 7:22 pm. Robert Gorden , as alternate, is then seated in Ms. Swindlehurst’s place. Ms. Bruzzi explains that the applicant, Mr. John Engels is looking to tear down existing home and will be putting up new home in its place. Ms. Bruzzi explains that they have already gone before the Conservation Commission and have addressed all drainage problems as presented. Ms. Bruzzi states that under section 3.4.5 they would like the board to find that this will be no more detrimental to the neighborhood.  Ms. Bruzzi advises that due to Title V they can not increase the number of bedrooms. Ms. Bruzzi states that the home is quite modest, with approx. 11% lot coverage which reflects about a 14% increase.  Ms. Bruzzi presents to the board the FEMA Map and addresses the flood plain issues.Mr. Munger asks if the existing structure is on footings. Ms. Bruzzi explains that it is, however, they would like a full foundation. Mr. Engels explains that the home would be used in the summer and on the weekends. Ms. Bruzzi states that they have been working with the neighbors to ensure acceptance, acknowledging that the project will be a construction site for some time. Secretary confirms that there we have not heard from any abutters. Mr. Munger asks if there are any other questions at this time, hearing nothing, opinion slips are passed out to board members.
A motion is made to allow a dimensional special permit for the reconstruction of an existing non-conforming single family residential house. The applicant is proposing to demolish the existing house and reconstruct it with upgraded infrastructure including  a private water supply well, and an on-site sewage disposal system. The proposed one bedroom house will substantially utilize the footprint of the previous structure, any further encroachment of side yard setback will be within previously maintained areas. A proposed rear deck is located such that it does not infringe on the required rear setback.

Donald Munger-I vote to approve the application because it does not substantially alter the existing footprint, and the existing building is in need of repair or demolition. This will  be an improvement to the neighborhood.  
Susan Schneider-I vote to approve the application because the changes greatly increase the usability with out greatly increasing the non-conformity. Other boards all set with changes.
Joshua Lombard- I vote to approve this application because it fits into the neighborhood as planned and will be an improvement to it.
Mark Burgwardt- I vote to approve this application because this project will greatly improve the area, replacing a dwelling in disrepair. The project will not negatively impact the area visually or environmentally.
Robert Gorden- I vote to approve this application because the reconstruction will not be substantially more detrimental than existing non-conforming structure is. The neighborhood has no objections , and no objections have been raised by property owners in this private road neighborhood. I vote to approve the proposal , present structure sorely in need of refurbishing- this proposal is beneficial to all parties.

Public Participation- None

Correspondence- Read and Reviewed.

Budget- Read and Reviewed

Information Packets- passed out to all board members present

Schedule Next Meeting for Tuesday, July 1st, 2008.

A motion to adjourn the meeting is made by Mr. Gorden, Mrs. Schneider seconds motion.
Meeting adjourns at 8:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Heather Hunt
Administrative Assistant

Signed______________________________            Date_________________
          Susan Schneider, Chair

Signed______________________________             Date__________________
           Joshua  Lombard, Alternate member

Signed_____________________________              Date___________________
           Donald Munger  

Signed______________________________           Date____________________
           Mark Burgwardt

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           Robert Gorden, Alternate Member