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Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes 3/4/08
Becket Zoning Board of Appeals
Approved Minutes
Tuesday, March 4th, ~2008

Board Members Present :~ Sue Schneider;Chairperson, ~Joshua ~Lombard , Donald Munger.

Board Members Absent:~ James Grady, Mark Burgwardt, Madeleine Swindlehurst;clerk.

Members of the~ Public Present: None

Meeting called to order:~ 7:14 p.m. Ms. Susan Schneider calls the meeting to order .

Approval of ~February 12th, 2008 Meeting Minutes – Chairman, Susan Schneider solicits for a motion to approve. Mr. Lombard makes a motion to approve the Feb. 12th, 2008 meeting minutes. Mr. Munger seconds motion.Unanimous approval.

Public Participation- none

New Business
Review of various board positions and terms to expire-Secretary passes out requested information to board members present. Information sheet (prepared by Town Clerk) is a listing of all the ZBA members, the day they were appointed, how many years their term of office is and when their term expires. Mrs. Schneider points out that both Mr. Lombard’s term and Mr. Munger’s term are going to expire in 2008. Mr. Lombard explains that when he originally agreed to join the Zoning Board of Appeals it was to help fill the gap left by Mr. Grady in the first few months of the year.Mr. Munger questions who he would contact in the case that he were unable to attend a meeting. Mrs. Schneider explains that either Heather, Ms. Swindlehurst or herself can be contacted in case of absence. Mrs.Schneider ~explains that we are currently lacking a vice chairperson , and states that this position was left vacant in October when Mr. Bellevance resigned. Board members have conversation in reference to the different board positions and what their duties entail. Mrs. Schneider explains that all positions are currently up for review. Mr. Lombard states that right now is a very busy time for him and that taking on additional ZBA duties may be unfavorable. Mr. Munger states that he would not be opposed to learning the vice chairperson position, however he states that this is only his second meeting attended. Board members continue conversation regarding the vice chairperson position. Mr. Joshua Lombard nominates Mr. Munger for the vice chairperson position, Mrs. Schneider seconds motion. Mr. Donald Munger accepts the vice chairperson position.~~ Mrs. Schneider agrees to continue to be the chairperson, and states that this may be re-visited~ at the June meeting. Secretary explains that there is still one~ position for an alternate member available. Mr. Munger and~ Mr.~ Lombard discuss the possibility of Mr. Robert Gorden joining the ZBA. Both members suggest that he would be a good fit for the job, and that someone should contact him with the information. Secretary, Heather Hunt, agrees to contact Mr. Robert Gorden and give him the appropriate information.

Budget Review- Budget read and reviewed.

Correspondence- All correspondence read and reviewed. Secretary presents the board members present with an email that had been sent by Ms. Swindlehurst;clerk of the ZBA, to the board members for their discussion. Ms. Swindlehurst explains in her email, that when she last looked at the ZBA section of the Town of Becket Website, it had not yet been updated with the current applications, procedures, etc. Ms. Swindlehurst asks the board members to please take some constructive action against this matter. Email is read and reviewed by all members present. Secretary, Heather Hunt, explains that everything has been sent to be posted on the Website, however, at such a busy time of year for the Town secretary, there has not been ample time for her to complete such a lengthy task. Secretary, confirms to the board members present that it has been submitted and is in good hands, it is just going to take a little longer than expected.

Mrs. Schneider solicits for a motion to close the meeting. Mr. Munger makes a motion to close; Mr. Lombard seconds motion.
Meeting closes at 7:45 pm.

Schedule next meeting for Tuesday April 1st, ~2008.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Heather Hunt
Administrative Assistant

Signed______________________________~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Date_________________
~~~~~~~~~~ Susan Schneider, Chair

Signed______________________________~~~~~~~~~~~~ Date__________________
~~~~~~~~~~~ Joshua~ Lombard, Alternate member

Signed_____________________________~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~Date___________________
~~~~~~~~~~~ Donald Munger~

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