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Board of Selectmen Minutes 6/18/08
Board of Selectmen
June 18, 2008
Members present:        William Cavanaugh, Doug Walter                                                                          John Murray-absent

Others Present: Richard Furlong, David Bonney, Bill Brownhill, Gale LaBelle

7:00 PM Meeting opened.  Reviewed minutes.  Doug motioned to accept the minutes of June 4, 2008, Bill seconded.  Motion passed.

The Selectmen reviewed their appointments.  Doug motioned to appoint members to various boards and committees (see attached list), Bill seconded.  Motion passed.

The Selectmen reviewed the Wage and Benefit Agreements for various employees.  Doug motioned to sign the Wage and Benefit Agreements for various employees, Bill seconded.  Motion passed.

The Selectmen reviewed the current fee schedule for gas, plumbing and electrical permits.  Richard explained that he would like to have one fee per inspection instead of all the different fees that we currently have.  This would make it easier for the contractors.  The proposed fee schedule would be $45.00 per inspection for all inspections.  If the inspector had to do an extra inspection it would cost $45.00.  Doug motioned to accept the proposed fee schedule, Bill seconded.  Motion passed.  These new fees will be in effect on July 1, 2008.

Public Input: Gale LaBelle asked if it would be possible to have two alternates on the Planning Board instead of only one.  Richard thought the Planning Board could only have one but he will check with Sally Bell.  She also asked if the Planning Board could pay the consultant for the Verizon cell tower because he has been waiting for months to get paid by Verizon.  Richard advised her to pay the consultant and if Verizon did not pay us back then they could not come back to the Planning Board with a new application.

Richard advised that the owner of property next to the Verizon building is going to sell the property and wanted the town to have the first chance to purchase this property.  The property abuts the ravine and the owner thought that the Selectmen would be interested in purchasing the property.  Briefly discussed the property and the Selectmen thought that Jack Young could be designated to talk with the owners to see what they would be asking for it.

Doug motioned to continue having Bill Cavanaugh as the representative to the Berkshire Regional Transit Authority, Bill seconded.  Motion passed.  The Selectmen voted to invoke the rules of necessity since there are only two Selectmen voting.

The Selectmen reviewed the agenda for the Conservation Commission meeting on June 19, 2008.

The Selectmen reviewed a Notice of Public Hearing from the ZBA for a 10’ variance at 125 Wells Road for the purpose of building a garage.

Board of Selectmen
June 18, 2008

The Selectmen reviewed the Notice of Public Hearing from the Planning Board for a Special Permit for the opening of a Real Estate Office in a room at model home at 2727 Jacobs Ladder Road.  The Selectmen discussed having property surveyed for a special permit.  The Planning Board would accept a plot plan that was done by an architect, an engineer or a surveyor in the past but they voted to only allow a surveyor to do the plot plans.  Richard advised the Planning Board that he, Sally Bell, the building inspector and the Selectmen were against this so the Planning Board reversed this vote.  He advised that if anything was questionable then the Planning Board can require the applicant to have a plan done by a surveyor.

The Selectmen reviewed the Notice of Public Hearing from the Planning Board for a Special Permit to allow the reconstruction of a 24’x32’ single family dwelling on existing foundation at 286 Sir George Drive.

Any other business: The Selectmen signed the letter to Ed Jekot regarding the crossover culvert on Prince John Drive.

Mercedes Gallagher sent some information to the Selectmen about the Center Pond Preservation and Protection Foundation’s weed treatment plans for Center Pond.  The CPP&PF has applied for a Toxics Use Reduction Institute Community Grant and she would like the Selectmen to send a letter of support for this grant.  The Selectmen would like to send a letter of support for this grant.

The Selectmen initialized the Ambulance Department Request for Write-Off Report.

Richard advised that the Brooker Hill Road project is going well.  He advised that there was an issue with the price of concrete but Lenny was able to work it out so the cost ended up being reasonable.

Richard advised that the auditors were here finishing up with the accountant and did not find anything significant.

Reviewed correspondence.

7:40 PM Doug motioned to adjourn, Bill seconded.  Motion passed.

Reviewed payroll/expense warrants.

Respectfully submitted,                                                         _______________________________
Nina Weiler, Secretary                                                          William F. Cavanaugh, Chairman

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