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V Siting and Height Requirements

A.  Setbacks

1.  The minimum distance from the base of the wireless communication structure to any property line or road right-of-way shall be at least 1.25 times the height of the structure.

2.  The minimum distance from any guy wire, anchor or brace to any property line or road right-of-way shall be equal to the length of the guy wire.

3.  The setbacks for the wireless communication building shall comply with the setback requirements for the zoning district.

4.  The wireless communication structure shall be a minimum distance of three times the height from school buildings, including playgrounds and athletic fields, and abutting residences to prevent the structure from appearing to “tower” over, adversely affecting property values.

B.  The height shall be the minimum height necessary to accommodate anticipated and future use.

C.  Wireless communication structures are encouraged on State lands, provided that said lands are not subject to the provisions of Article 97 of the Amendments to the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. If facilities predating this by-law exist on such lands, the shared use of such facilities is encouraged.

D.  The wireless communication structure shall, when possible, be sited off ridge lines and where their visible impact is the least detrimental to valuable historic and scenic areas. “Valuable” should be determined by any appropriate Town Board(s) and can be views that the Town has identified as scenic or views listed in the Massachusetts Landscape Inventory. M.G.L. C.131, s. 39A, conducted by Massachusetts Dept. Of Environmental Management, 1982.

E.  No new wireless communication structure shall be permitted unless the Applicant demonstrates to the reasonable satisfaction of the Planning Board that no existing wireless communication structure can accommodate the Applicant’s proposed wireless communication device. Evidence submitted to demonstrate that an existing structure can not accommodate the applicant’s proposed device may consist of any of the following:

1.  No existing wireless communication structures or non-residential structures are located within the geographic area required to meet the Town of Becket and applicant’s engineering requirements.

2.  Existing wireless communication structures or non-residential structures are not sufficient height to meet the applicant’s requirements.

3.  Existing wireless communication structures or non-residential structures do not have sufficient structural strength or cannot be brought up to appropriate strength to support the proposed wireless communication device.

4.  The proposed wireless communication device would cause electromagnetic interference with the existing devices on the site, or the existing devices would cause interference with the proposed wireless communication device.

5.  The fee, costs, or contractual provisions required by the owner in order to share an existing wireless communication structure or to adapt an existing structure for use are unreasonable.

5.  The applicant demonstrates that there are other limiting factors that render existing structures unreasonable.

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