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IX Conditions of Use

A.  An initial bond shall be posted by the applicant to cover construction costs and removal cost of facility in the event of non use and an annual maintenance bond for the access road, site, and structure(s) in an amount approved by the Planning Board. An access road may include existing town roads not designed for heavy traffic and which are not paved.

B.  Regulatory Compliance

1.  Annual certification demonstrating structural integrity and continuing compliance with current standards of the FCC, FAA and the American National Standards Institute shall be filed with the Building Inspector by the Special Permit Holder, and shall be reviewed by a licensed professional engineer hired by the town and paid for by the Special Permit Holder.

2.  If the FCC or the FAA regulations are changed, the owner or operator shall bring the facilities into compliance within six months or earlier if a more stringent compliance schedule is included in the regulation.

3.  Failure to comply with any regulations shall be grounds for removal of non-complying structures, buildings, and devices at the owner’s expense.

C.  Removal and Repair

1.  An applicant must either file a performance bond or a deposit of money or negotiable securities in an amount determined by the Board to be sufficient to cover the cost of removal with the Town of Becket Planning Board agreeing to remove, within 180 days of notice from the town, the wireless communication facility not in operation for a period of twelve months, unless the reason for non-operation is the result of major damage. The Board may hire professional consultants to determine the amount of bond or security required. Such bond or security, if filed and deposited, shall be approved as to form and manner of execution by Town Counsel, and shall be contingent on the completion of repairs or removal.

2.  If the facility is not removed within 180 days, the Town will remove said facility at the owner’s expense.

3.  In the event of major damage, repair must begin immediately or as soon as possible. Major damage shall mean damage to the facility caused by no fault of the owner or operator.

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