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ARTICLE 4--GENERAL PROCEDURE  (Adopted 2/29/64) (Amended 5/17/75, 6/13/81, 5/9/09)

SECTION 1.      All meetings of Boards and Committees shall be open to the public and any       person shall be permitted to attend any meeting except as otherwise provided in         the so-called Open Meeting Law, Chapter 303, Acts of 1975, as amended.  The     limitations on "executive sessions", shall be as directed in that statute.

SECTION 2.      All Boards and Committees, in the conduct of all duly advertised Public         Hearings, shall cause to be made a detailed record of its proceedings, showing  the vote of each member upon each question, or, if any member is absent or fails        to vote, indicating such fact, and setting forth clearly the reason or reasons  for its decisions, and of its other official acts, copies of all which shall be         immediately filed with the Town Clerk, and shall thereby become a public record.

SECTION 3.      Any commitment of the Town not a matter of record can never be alluded to       by anyone as having given them permission, absolution or license to do or conduct       some action or business that is not specifically a right as defined in the      Protective By-Laws or these Town By-Laws.

SECTION 4.      All municipal personnel shall, in the conduct of Town business and      deliberations, refrain from such policies or behavior which would be contrary to        the spirit, and standards of conduct, outlined in the Conflict of Interest Law,         MGL Chapter 268A.

SECTION 5.      Any Board or Committee shall ask for bids on any purchase or contract of        $10,000 or more, or as otherwise determined by MGL Chapter 30B, and they shall be       opened and read in public.  Said request for bids shall be advertised at least  fourteen (14) days prior to date of opening.  Said request for bids shall be    advertised in the local press pursuant to MGL Chapter 30B.
        (Amended-5/19/84, 6/21/90)

SECTION 6.      Any Board or Committee shall give at least fourteen (14) days public notice     by advertising in the local press, asking for bids on any article to be sold by         the Town, and all bids shall be opened and read in public.  (Amended 6/13/81)

SECTION 7.      The Town of Becket hereby accepts MGL Chapter 40, Section 8B, establishing      a Council on Aging for the purpose of coordinating or carrying out programs     designed to meet the problems of the aging, and in coordination with programs of        the Department of Elder Affairs.  (Amended 6/13/81)

SECTION 8.      The Town Report shall be available to the voters no later than ten (10)         days before the date of the Annual Town Meeting.  (Amended 6/13/81)

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