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ARTICLE 8--BOARD OF ASSESSORS  (Amended 6/13/81, 1/20/96)

SECTION 1.      The Commissioner of Revenue has board powers to direct and regulate; and a      substantial responsibility to instruct and advise the Assessors.

SECTION 2.      It is specifically provided by statute that no assessor shall also hold an      office involving the collection of taxes.

SECTION 3.      The Board of Assessors must value all real and personal property at its         full and fair cash valuation as of January 1st, of each year.

SECTION 4.      Subsequent to the determination of the total assessment the Board of    Assessors shall annually fix the tax rate pursuant to the provisions of MGL     Chapter 59, Section 23.

SECTION 5.      Subsequent to listing the valuations and assessments upon the valuation         books and prior to the commitment of the taxes the assessors must deposit the   books, or an attested copy, in their office for public inspection.  If the Board        does not have an office, the books must be deposited with the chairman of the   Board.

SECTION 6.      The Assessors may not commit a tax list to the Collector of Taxes until the     bonds of the Collector and Treasurer have been approved.  The alternative is to         commit the list and warrants to a Constable, and if no Constable to the Sheriff         or his deputy.  (MGL Chapter 59 Section 53.)

SECTION 7.      The Board of Assessors retain full power and authority to act despite a         vacancy in the Board.

SECTION 8.      The Board of Assessors shall consist of 3 members, each to serve a term of      3 years, so arranged that the term of one member shall expire each year, and said       Board of Assessors shall elect annually a chairman and a clerk from its own     members.

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