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Community Preservation Committee Minutes 11/9/09

Unapproved minutes
Becket Community Preservation Committee Meeting
Town Hall
Present Rob Gorden, Rita Furlong, Neil Toomey, Bill Cavanaugh, Kathy Vasteka,
Bob Podolski, Merydeth Babcock, Ann Krawet

The Board voted to approve the minutes from the September 14th, 2009 meeting

  • New  Business
  • The Board welcomed Ann Krawet as a new member
  • The Conflict of Interest Document review and distribution was discussed. Everyone on the Board was aware of the parameters and compliance guidelines.
  • Merydeth Babcock attended the meeting to ask questions about CPA sponsored projects and what the timelines for project completions, as well as funds distributions were. The Board directed her to the guideline document on the Becket CPC Website for project guidelines and application process. It was pointed out that there isn’t enough information on availability of funds in the application document. A discussion followed regarding Town meeting votes on projects, and disbursement of funds. Rita will add 1-2 paragraphs to the application guidelines to clarify this. Rob Gorden already has a project funded for the Historical Commission and will follow up with the town treasurer for clarification.
  • Merydeth asked the question of when the Board could give approval for an application.  A discussion of the process followed on how and when CPC approval of a project could be used. The steps discussed were aplication, public hearing approval; CPC writes the article at the next meeting, the article goes to the town meeting for approval. If an applicant wishes to use CPC approval to leverage other funding sources he or she would have to wait until after the town meeting approved the project.
  • The next meeting dates were decided. Monday February 1, 2010 @ 7:00 p.m. to prepare for the town hearing, Monday February 8, 2010 for the public hearing on proposed projects, and Monday February 15th (this date may have to be changed due to the holiday) to write the article for the warrant at the annual town meeting in May (Tony Blair will be asked to help write the article in proper format for the warrant).
Neil will notify the Community preservation Coalition to include Ann Krawet in any e-mail/newsletter notices.
Rob Gorden made a motion to adjourn, Rita Furlong seconded and the meeting was adjourned@8:05 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Neil Toomey

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