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Community Preservation Committee Minutes 9/14/09

Unapproved minutes
Becket Community Preservation Committee Meeting
Town Hall
September 14, 2009
Present Rob Gorden, Rita Furlong, Neil Toomey, Bill Cavanaugh, Kathy Vasteka,
Bob Podolski

The Board voted to approve the minutes from the August 10th, 2009 meeting

  • New  Business
  • CP3, CP1, filing update: Tony Blair worked through the CP3 form filing with Neil and it was filed on time. The project I.D. # is 5641. The Becket CPC password for accessing this years filing updates is 298dkj.
  • CP1 forms are in the process of being filed (9-14-09). Sue Donnelly has electronically filed the necessary forms from the assessor’s office. The hard copy forms will be signed off on by the treasurer, Chris Bleau time for the deadline (9-15-09).
  • A discussion followed concerning Rob Gordon’s, and Bill Cavanaugh’s access to electronic information relating to CPC information and updates from the Community Preservation Coalition, and Becket CPC correspondence which is also electronically filed and mailed. Neither Rob nor Bill has home access to a computer. Rita suggested that Rob request hard copies of information from the Community Preservation Coalition be mailed directly to him. Neil reminded the Board that Nina posts the unapproved minutes when she receives the electronically from Neil, and they are available at the town hall.
  • The hard copy of the funding request for the historical Commission was received from Rob Gorden. This completes the official application for their sign project.
  • Rob had some stationary printed up for the Becket CPC. It’s available in our file drawer at the town hall.
  • Bob Podolski did the research on a recording device for our meetings. The recorder is available from Staple’s for $250. Neil made the motion to approve, Bob seconded the motion, and the Board voted to approve. Neil will stop by Staples to get a printed estimate to be submitted to the treasurer for payment.
  • Request for funding file for town projects. Rita will check with Nina to see if a repository file can be set up electronically. Bob suggested a counter may be able to be set up to help the Board  assess town wide interest.
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Neil Toomey

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