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Community Preservation Committee Minutes 7/6/09

Unapproved minutes
Becket Community Preservation Committee Meeting
Town Hall
July 6, 2009
Present Rob Gorden, Rita Furlong, Bob Podolski, Neil Toomey, Bill Cavanaugh

The Board voted to approve the minutes from the May 4th, 2009 meeting
  • New Business
  • The Board decided to have Neil remain as secretary and moderator for our meetings.
  • A discussion followed to purchase a recording device for the meetings. Bob will look into a recorder that can play back slowly for transfer of notes. Rob made a motion to spend approximately $100 out of the CPC’s office budget Bob seconded the motion and the Board voted to approve.
  • Neil raised the question about whether we needed a liaison for senior housing issues. Bill brought up the fact that Tony Blair, the town administrator is currently looking into and forming a fact finding group to address these issues. The Board decided to that we would only be duplicating those efforts, and it would be a better use  the CPC’s efforts to follow the progress of  Tony’s committee, and allow them to avail themselves of CPA funds when and if they are necessary. Bill as a selectman will be attending those meetings, and as such can report back to the CPC on how or where we can be of assistance.
  • Rita will check with Nina, the town secretary, about the status of our e-mail site on the town’s web page.
  • A discussion of whether we should join the Community Preservation Coalition. This involves an annual membership fee. The Coalition is responsible for disseminating information to the CPC committees around the state about issues pertaining to use of CPA funds and proposals made to the state legislature regarding CPA matters. Rob will look into membership issues and how to appropriate the funds necessary for membership.
  • The Board confirmed the meeting dates for the balance of the year. Meetings will continue to be held on the second Monday of each month @ 7:00p.m. The remaining dates of 8-10-09, 9-14-09, 10-12-09, 11-09-09, and 12-14-09, will be posted by Jeanne Pryor, the town clerk. The Board reserves the option of not holding the meeting if that becomes necessary. Neil will coordinate with members and Jeanne if that is the case.
  • Funding for town hall handicapped access improvements. Neil checked with Katherine Roth of the Community preservation Coalition about using town CPA funds to help with this project. Katherine replied by e-mail, and the answer was forwarded to the town secretary. CPA funds would not be available for this type of project, as the town hall is relatively new and is not on the register of historic buildings.
  • Rob will look into whether we need state approval for spending CPA money on any applications the Becket CPC  may make in the future to the  state for CPA projects
  • CPA project proposals: Groups in town wishing to avail themselves of CPA funds will be directed toward the Becket CPC web page. From there they will have to use the “application for Community Preservation Funding” to find out if their project qualifies for funding. Their proposal may be brought before the CPC for approval No later than January 30th, 2010, at 4:30 p.m. Questions regarding project proposals can be brought to any member of the CPC.
Discussion on CPC sign off on projects using CPA funds: Projects qualifying for CPA funds will be signed off on by the CPC when all appropriate and legal permits and applications have been signed off on as a completed project. As an example: the building inspector would have to sign off on projects before funds will be paid out.      
Meeting adjourned at: 8:30 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Neil Toomey

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